How did the election impact your libraries?

EveryLibrary is working to build a full national report on library ballot pass/fails. Help us out by replying with what happened in your races. The next step is voter segmentation and message analysis. We need more wins for libraries in 2013 and 2014.

Every library matters.

  1. radicalmilitantlibrarian answered: One of my trustees helped confirm my identity to poll officials. I doubt that’s what you meant, but it mattered to me. ;)
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  4. healthscireflib answered: This is a very serious issue regarding a possible library closing in a nearby county:…
  5. annaverity answered: No library-related measures in Siskiyou County, CA, and not enough info on local candidates to know who supported vs. opposed libraries.
  6. bookoisseur answered: I wrote about libraries and the election on HuffPostBooks. Because libraries are super important!
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