EveryLibrary is a little bit blessed and a whole lot lucky to have hundreds of supporters who’ve contributed to our work building voter support for libraries.  We had a chance to meet over 60 of you for brunch Saturday in the Bay Area, to talk political action for libraries, and have sail on the Story Sailboat.  It is great fun to hang out with smart people and have a mimosa or two.  

If you want to be a part of it, we’re on the way to a $3,000 matching challenge from Rosen Publishing.  Your $10 or $25 gets doubled.  rally.org/everylibrary to #MIH.  Plus, you get invites to sail with people like the pinakes.

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    This was a great day with all the librarians and the waffles and the sailing!
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    Yes. Yes, I like everyone involved here.
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