California libraries have an extra hurdle to clear when talking to voters.  It takes 66.7% of the voters to vote YES for them to win.  As a library going out for a renewal of your Parcel Tax – basic funding – you can loose in California with 50% + 1, with 60%, or even 66.6% of the vote!  The California Library Association has been working hard to fix that.  We’ve talked about SCA-7, the proposed state Constitutional Amendment that would lower the threshold from 66% down to 55% for passage.  CLA is lobbying in Sacramento to get SCA-7 passed and out to the voters as a Proposition.  When it does, we will be there to help in a new and effective way:

Announcing “EveryLibrary California”….

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    CA voters; support this!!
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    EveryLibrary is in you, California! Get involved.
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